Papers for Download:

DVD Safety Lending Library:

  • DIVERSITY: Respect at Work, June 2015
  • SLIPS, TRIPS AND FALLS: Step Up To Safety, June 2015
  • BACK SAFETY: Proper Lifting Procedures, June 2014
  • BACK SAFETY: Exercise and Ergonomics, June 2014
  • GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, Everyone’s Responsibility, October, 2013
  • WORKPLACE VIOLENCE: The Early Warning Signs For Employees, May, 2012
  • PREVENTING HARASSMENT: Creating a positive Workplace (in Office Settings)  September, 2011
  • ERGONOMICS: HOW MAY WE HELP YOU? A Guide To Assist You With The Development Of Your Ergonomics Program
  • INJURY & ILLNESS PREVENTION PROGRAM Produced by the Safety and Health Services Department of State Fund to assist clients in their loss control efforts.
  • ONE, TWO, THREE… LIFT. A Back Injury Prevention Process from State Funk’s “Back Connection”
  • FELONY, FINES & JAIL The Story of Workers Comp Fraud

These DVDs are available free of charge. For DVDs or other safety information, contact Ric Roderick at (510) 663-4000.

The State Compensation Insurance Fund is committed to employee safety and company cost control of workers’ compensation insurance. For more information, visit their website.